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WaterWood Copper

Material: Wood

This snare is 1 of only 2 available snares that features a custom “Burnt Orange” tint, high gloss lacquer exterior, and a seamless polished 2mm copper interior. Single-ply, steam bent birch shell recovered from the bottom of Lake Superior.


See it in action:


  • Single-ply, steam bent birch shell recovered from the bottom of Lake Superior
  • 14″ x 6″ shell w/ matching re-rings
  • Custom “Burnt Orange” tint, high gloss lacquer exterior, seamless polished 2mm copper interior
  • Hand-cut 45 degree edges on top and bottom, slightly rounded over to achieve maximum warmth offered by the wood, without conflicting with the copper interior overtones
  • Equipped with solid brass Classic tube lugs, triple-flanged hoops, Trick Strainer, & 18-count stainless steel snare wires
  • Remo Coated Ambassador batter head, Remo Clear Hazy resonant head
  • Features the patented “Temple Mount” stainless steel strainer brackets, hand-polished to a mirror chrome finishenabling the installation of the strainer without the need to drill.
    **This snare is 1 of only 2 available snares that feature the seamless copper interior, which is a patented process whereby 2mm of pure copper material is chemically adhered to the wood itself, without the use of fillers or bonding agents, allowing the copper to retain its inherent acoustic properties, without interfering with its solid, single plywood shell counterpart. This is not a faux finish; it is solid copper. These shells take months to develop, Achieving harmony between seamless metal alloy and single-ply exotic wood is no easy task. This snare is in a class of its own. The sound produced is ear-piercingly loud, exotic, and truly one-of-a-kind.**

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

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